Calling all Tea Packaging Technicians & Packaging Suppliers

Chapelton, is promoting Smurfit Kappa’s MB12 Board as the ideal product for use in tea packaging, due to its unique migration and pollutant properties, which protect the aroma and taste of the product, providing reliable protection against migration contamination.

MB12 is a patented, certified solution for safe and sustainable food packaging, and due to its composition, eliminates the migration of any organic compounds by 99%, with no cross contamination, with proven safety over an 18 month shelf life. MB12 is certified by both Eurofins and ISEGA, world leaders in the food and pharmaceutical product testing and approved laboratories for food safety.

MB12 is a versatile product, exceptional for Tea and retail packaging. MB12 is considered the market leader and future for food packaging by Smurfit Kappa. It meets the stringent requirements of the food industry. It can be stored long term at room temperature and in both frozen and refrigerated conditions.

Due to its high environmental qualities, MB12 is the best holistic solution in dry food packaging. It is 100% recyclable as a mono material, and as the activated carbon contained within its make-up originates from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified sources, the FSC® Chain of Custody is maintained.

The Activated Carbon is contained in the grey middle plies (filler) of the board where all the organics are adsorbed and retained. MB12 is available across the carton-board production, with weights from 300gsm to 500gsm, and as a solid board packaging product, in weights from 400gsm to 2,000gsm.

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