Plastic Free

Chapelton offer a wide range of plastic free products from trusted suppliers across the globe.

These include recyclable, biodegradable & compostable barrier papers and boards. These materials are for use within the food packaging sector as well as being suitable for other various industrial applications.

We offer Biodegradable packaging and converting films for various end uses.

Many of our biodegradable films and bags are produced solely on wind power, therefore reducing the CO2 emissions by over 1,000 tonnes a year, which is roughly the equivalent of around 300 private cars’ annual carbon dioxide emissions.

Our barrier papers and boards include aqueous coatings, grease resistant coatings and migration barrier materials.

We supply a large range of fully compostable food trays in either standard or bespoke sizes.

Compostable & biodegradable bags, that prolong the shelf life of the foods they contain are also available and are a huge step in the right direction on the war on plastic.

Even the smallest of changes can benefit not only the products being packaged but the environment too.

plastic free food packaging