Printed Media Making A Comeback?

Kathryn Manktelow

Printed Media is Not Obsolete … But Engaging!

Printed Media becoming popular again? There is no doubt, easy access to the Internet by half of the world’s population has made the web a powerful medium. Some interesting research however is showing attitudes are moving back towards print.

Whether your focus is on removing plastics from your products or in the results of your marketing campaign. Print is experiencing a resurgence.



Mind Blowing Facts About Printed Mail

Below are some facts that are sure to surprise you:

  • 92% of people will read Door Drops that are delivered to their home.
  • 73% of people will hold onto advertising mail for future use.
  • 70% of people will keep a company that has sent them physical mail in higher regard.
  • 87% of people will rate the content in printed material as believable.

People trust printed media more.

If you are reading this then you are of course an internet user. The sheer choice and volume of messages though has become a bit bewildering. Do you have the time to filter through all the clickbait to find reliable information? I didn’t think so, as you are scrolling past dozens of articles and posts, it’s no wonder that most of the information that we consume on social media is not successful at conveying nuance, resonance, or authority.

YouGov polls this year have found that “74% of respondents agree that they trusted the news and information in their local newspaper over online sources.” Journalists saw a similar result in a survey of 255 media professionals that found that “52% (of journalists) now believe traditional media to be the most trusted source of news. Social media is seen as the biggest contributor to the growth of fake news.

Trust is a crucial factor when considering which medium, you will use to market to your demographic.

Printed media makes more of an impact

It has been proven that retention and comprehension is improved through print. You have likely seen that workplaces use printed media to educate their employees, due to a better return on investment with printed training programs.

Below are more positives of using printed media:

  • Advertising to a Demographic
    Monthly magazines are among the best ways to advertise. Flashy magazines are always popular among consumers and usually have a core group of readers. Magazines also have a very specific demographic based on their content. This makes it very easy to get your content or product out to the people that will take an interest. You may not generate much interest in your line of muscle building supplements by advertising in the Women’s Weekly, or Oprah magazines, but you can choose to advertise to the entire Muscle and Fitness, or Men’s Health audience.
  • Advertising to a Locale
    Somewhat like what I mentioned above by using print to gain access to a specific demographic. If you are a local company, you can target geographical locations by having your content or advertisements published in local newspapers or flyers. Advertising in local newspapers is the best way to spread the news about local events.
  • Sensory Experience
    Some people just enjoy flipping through magazine pages. When you visit the doctor’s office, it is second nature to pick up a magazine while in the waiting room. When you are going on a flight, you will take reading material in the form of a magazine, or a printed novel with you for your journey.

Paper IS Sustainable!

There has been an ever-increasing media focus on the use of single plastics and the footprint or impact that we have on the world’s environment. You can rest easy knowing that print is sustainable and produced using sustainable materials. It makes sense that print is predominantly paper-based, 80% of the paper comes from European forests.

These European forests are growing by almost 11 square kilometres each day! That’s 1,500 football pitches! If you purchase from sustainable companies, you are receiving paper from well-managed forests dedicated to replanting trees at the rate of four times more than they harvest.

Printing companies are at the forefront of environmental performance in manufacturing with high levels of participation environmental management standards and the FSC and PEFC chain of custody accreditation.

The Internet Has Its Place Alongside Print

We have convinced you to publish your latest content using print, here are some ways that you can use your printed media to increase your online audience:

  • QR Codes
    You can direct readers to your target web page, or social group to learn to get more information about your products or services. All the reader has to do is use their mobile device to scan the QR code and voila!
  • NFC Tags
    Near Field Communication is already built into most modern smartphones which is a huge advantage. Simple to use, very similar to the QR Code, all the reader has to do is touch or tap their smartphone against the NFC tag.
  • Social Media
    More than just listing your social media name, traditional media and advertising is now commonly blended with social media conversations and groups. From news reporting, to washing tips, to promotional campaigns, print media can be a great way to engage with people off, and then back on to, the internet.

Want to find out ways to increase your use of printed media? Want advice on the best products ? Email Paul Cox

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